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IoT botnet actively exploiting Drupal CMS bug

Botnet uses compromised systems to spread infection. Security researchers have discovered a large botnet that is using a severe flaw in the Drupal CMS in order to infect other systems.

Serious DoS flaw spotted in WordPress platform - affects most versions

Vulnerability so simple, anyone could use it. Security researchers have discovered a flaw in open source CMS WordPress that would allow a hacker to take down a website through a DoS attack with a single machine.

WordPress and Drupal flaws found in 300+ UK website CMSes

More than 300 websites belonging to the UK's top 30 biggest companies contain vulnerabilities in their content management systems.

Drupal install process appears to be dripping

Thanks to a broken update procedure, installations of the Drupal CMS appear to be telling users that they are up-to-date despite still using older software.