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Strengths: All-in-one appliance that includes all the necessary network DLP features

Weaknesses: Nothing that we could find

Verdict: An enterprise class product that scales well for many different sized organisations and comes with a very attractive price tag. Our Best Buy this month

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Code Green Networks TrueDLP is an all-in-one network data leakage prevention appliance that provides network monitoring, email and web protection and a discovery scanner for detecting and handling confidential data. It comes in three appliance sizes that handle 250, 5,000 and 25,000 users respectively.

Initial configuration of the TrueDLP appliance was very easy. The dashboard for the web-based interface was organised very well and we were able to navigate through the various components without any problems. All of the information is logically organised and some of the monitoring tabs and indicators are very intuitive. The typical deployment types are found here, such as integration with third party SMTP servers, web proxies and network monitoring through a SPAN/mirror port.

From a performance perspective the solution is available in three models and can be deployed in various roles depending on the size of the organisation. Some can be configured to collect data and forward it to a downstream console appliance.

Overall we were impressed with the scalable and flexible performance and the all-inclusive nature of the solution itself. Not having to worry about multiple modules and licences is a good thing. Policy creation and integration with Active Directory, events, reporting, dashboard views and other enterprise class features are also available.

A point of interest is that the TrueDLP solution comes with a built-in discovery scanner within the appliance itself. From the web interface you can scan network shares and other points of data at rest without having to install a separate standalone component. We thought this feature was a nice touch.

Overall the documentation was good. Available directly on the appliance, the content does a good job of balancing detail and overview information.

Pricing is based on the one of three models purchased, which scales along with the number of users. The model we tested was labelled as having a purchase price of £7,474.

Basic 10/5 email, web and phone support is available for 18 per cent of the purchase price and a 24/7 package is available for 28 per cent of the price. Additional warranties and onsite response packages are available. The Code Green Networks site has a customer portal available as well.

This is an enterprise class product that is good value for money.

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