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Strengths: The product’s robust feature set and ease of integration into the network.

Weaknesses: None found.

Verdict: The product’s advanced functionality and easy-to-use GUI makes enterprise DLP easy

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Code Green Network's TrueDLP product is an extremely effective solution to data leak protection. The implementation of this device will allow your security team to properly analyse, monitor and maintain the integrity of sensitive data on your network. TrueDLP will both detect and prevent data in-store, in-use and in-transit from unauthorised exit in an enterprise network.

TrueDLP's installation and initial configuration was extremely simple to set up. After we removed the product from the box, connected a monitor and keyboard and turned it on, it took less than 15 minutes to effectively integrate the device into our network. We followed the quick-start guide during configuration. Implementing from the provided information, we used the appliance's command line to assign an IP address and reset the password. After we configured the management interface, we then were able to access the device via a web browser. The web-based interface allowed us to immediately access and configure the device into our network, with no hassle effectively integrating it with our Active Directory server.

Interestingly, the tool ships with preconfigured network interfaces for inspecting different types of network traffic. The device provides two network interfaces for packet monitoring, one for management and the three remaining allowed for email, web and central management traffic monitoring. TrueDLP inspects traffic for sensitive data (keywords, phrases, file types, structured data) regardless of port, protocol or file type. The solution also provides policy management on the web console for logs, quarantine functionality, encryption options and alerts for both sender and administrators. TrueDLP uses a powerful discovery engine that is able to efficiently monitor the traffic and filter, block or remediate any possible data leak incidents.

Code Green Network provides customers with basic no-cost and premium support options. Standard assistance includes email and phone aid from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. PST on business days and is priced at 18 percent of the purchase price. Premium support expands the time to 24/7/365 and is priced at 28 percent of purchase price. 

TrueDLP is a necessary solution to strengthen security on your network to provide ease of mind for admins guarding sensitive data. The product's powerful functionality can provide security teams with a plethora of implementation strategies to mitigate data leakage risks on networks. Seeing as the solution is easily installed, configured and integrated into networks, there is effectively no downtime during this process. If you are looking for a powerful and efficient product that will limit data loss on your network, Code Green's TrueDLP hardware solution is your answer. 

- James Verderico

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