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SC Congress 2018: Should critical infrastructure be put on a war footing?

Cyber-attacks on critical infrastructure are now the biggest threat to humanity and more action and collaboration is needed to defeat nation state actors and terrorists threatening essential systems.

FIC 2018: Cooperation key to security Europe-wide

At the 10th Forum International de la Cybersecurite in Lille, France, this week the key themes were cooperation and resilience - with the former - pan-European, global, cross sector, public and private, to achieve the latter.

Kaspersky Lab renews threat sharing relationship with INTERPOL

Kaspersky Lab and Interpol announced on Thursday that they have signed a new cyber-crime threat sharing pact that will strengthen the two organisations' collaborative relationship.

Why growing networks will need continuous cyber-security

Poor collaboration between network and security teams hits ability to share knowledge quickly and accurately during attacks; Grant Ho says enterprises that continue to rely on manual processes will be more susceptible to attacks.

Europol and Brazil sign strategic agreement to combat cyber-crime

On Tuesday, Brazil and Europol signed a strategic agreement to work more closely together to combat cyber-crime and other cross-border crime.

Getting smart - a joined up approach to beating the hackers

As data breaches become commonplace and organisations struggle to keep pace, Treavor Dearing explains why integration and collaboration among IT security vendors is emerging as the only viable solution to beat cyber-criminals once and for all.

Empowering cyber-security providers

Cyber-security companies can cooperate to help facilitate and encourage standardisation of certifications and practices and even exercise their power at a global level to influence policy-making say Chris Southworth and Allen Dixon.

Russian and Brazilian crooks collaborate to improve cyber-attacks

Cyber-criminals on all sides of the globe have defeated time differences and language barriers to team up and drive the evolution of the ever-changing malicious tools used in attacks.

Barclays and Interpol join forces to prevent cyber-crime

UK-based Barclays PLC has teamed up with Interpol to more efficiently fight cyber-crime

FireEye and Europol join forces on cyber-crime detection

IT security firm and law enforcement sign memorandum of understanding

Is commercial open source more secure than proprietary alternatives?

Many IT security professionals are chossing commercial open source solutions for security reasons rather than economy by says Olivier Thierry.

A way forward in information sharing

Josh Goldfarb asks how can the infosec community move from informal and exclusive trust circles to more mature formal information sharing approaches, without losing agility and effectiveness.

ENISA and Europol jointly fight cybercrime

ENISA and Europol have signed a strategic cooperation agreement to fight cyber-crime together, marking the latest example that international cyber-crime policing cooperation is improving.

Get people, privacy and policy correct before allowing collaborative working via mobiles

Managing control and compliance of mobile is key to collaborative working.

Failure to share information and work collaboratively can cripple a business

Collaborative working and information is needed to keep a business working, although security has to be built in.

RSA Conference: US government security coordinators highlight key strategies for future

Calls have been made for the US Congress to work on and approve information security policies to enable a more secure environment.

Obama announces plans for voluntary incident sharing as part of Cybersecurity Framework

Repeated cyber intrusions into critical infrastructure demonstrate the need for improved cyber security.

Even Presidents get the blues

It is 23 years since President Bush Senior talked of a 'new world order' of a trusted and peaceful world.

EU cyber security plans welcomed, with insistence that objectives must be achieved

Yesterday's announcement by the European Commission on cyber security has been welcomed for creating a unified approach that cuts across borders and encouraging teams to collaborate and share data.

European Commission calls for collaboration and incident sharing

The European Commission's plan for a secure and open internet depends on national security strategies and cooperation.

UK joins World Economic Forum cyber resilience initiative

The UK has joined the World Economic Forum's 'Partnering for Cyber Resilience initiative'.

Kaspersky threat director praises collaboration between researchers

Collaboration between researchers is essential to reverse engineering sophisticated malware.

Towards a new defence doctrine

The threat landscape today is more advanced than ever before, and shows no signs of slowing down. Malware has proliferated and increased in complexity, while hackers have become more cooperative with each other.