CA Technologies has introduced a collaborative community and website for IT professionals seeking insights into how best to use cloud computing to improve how IT supports business objectives.

Named ‘Cloud Commons', its goal will be to provide an information-rich environment where IT professionals can expand their knowledge and obtain relevant information about enterprise cloud computing. It is designed to enable IT professionals to contribute to and take advantage of rigorously quantified assessments of available cloud services.

CA Technologies, who announced a change of name at the start of its CA World conference in Las Vegas, said that it is sponsoring the site, with foundational members of the Cloud Commons initiative including TM Forum, Red Hat, Carnegie Mellon University, and Insight Investments that is hosting the site.

Among its key features will be a service measurement index (SMI), a standard for quantifying and evaluating services and addressing the need for industry-wide, globally accepted measures for calculating the benefits and risks of cloud computing services.

There will also be an area that will allow participants to provide qualitative feedback on their experience with third-party cloud services and features that will encourage peer collaboration and networking, permitting community commentary on content posted on the site and enable the sharing of cloud best practices.

David Hodgson, senior vice president of the cloud products and solutions business line at CA Technologies, said: “Today, there is no comprehensive, unbiased source that solicits and aggregates the most current and relevant knowledge about cloud computing and the accumulated, actual experiences that organisations are having with the cloud. Cloud Commons will address this need - providing IT professionals with situational awareness and visibility into what is possible with the cloud."

Martin Creaner, president of the TM Forum, said that it was ‘fully supportive of this type of initiative to improve the uptake and development of a vibrant and open cloud services market'.

Scott Crenshaw, vice president and GM of the cloud business unit at Red Hat, said: “As a foundation partner for CA's Cloud Commons, we look forward to providing continued leadership in driving the next wave of technology evolution through cloud computing. With the rich cloud content and resources available through Cloud Commons, enterprises will be further enabled to unlock the value of the cloud.”