Stonesoft has announced the launch of new version of the StoneGate Authentication solution.

Combining multiple authentication methods to provide secure remote access to critical data and applications across the network, it claimed that rather than delivering a tangible token to mobile and remote users, it combines SSL VPN and authentication server capabilities with other deployed authentication methods that can be pushed to any remote device.

The company also said that offers secure remote access to any application including those in the cloud-hosted, and access to detailed user and log data to monitor access in real-time and proactively spot security concerns across the network.

This solution also includes the StoneGate Management Centre to centralise network monitoring and management and allow issues to be identified from a single point of view.

Marco Rottigni, SSL VPN product manager at Stonesoft, said: “Many of today's solutions for secure remote access were built on an antiquated architecture. Fifteen years ago, tokens made sense, but that is not the case today.

“Mobile users need secure remote access anywhere, while IT needs a way to quickly and easily manage that access. The only way to accomplish that is by combining multiple authentication methods in a dynamic solution, which is the heart of the StoneGate Authentication solution.”