Companies choosing to blacklist apps
Companies choosing to blacklist apps

Companies blacklisted three times more applications in Q1 2012 than they did in the previous quarter.

According to data from Zenprise, companies are blacklisting double the amount of apps that they are whitelisting, and it believes that this is an indication of the continuing maturity of mobile device management (MDM) deployments.

It said the most commonly blacklisted apps were Facebook, Angry Birds, Google Play, Dropbox, YouTube and Skype, while the most commonly whitelisted apps were Skype, Citrix, Adobe and NitroDesk TouchDown.

Ahmed Datoo, chief marketing officer at Zenprise, said: “As companies evolve their mobile device strategy from simply dealing with BYOD to truly optimising their mobile businesses, we're seeing a number of key trends emerge worldwide.

“Companies are focusing on how to keep their devices, applications, network and data secure while providing employees with the applications and access to the mobile resources they need to be productive. This is really the beginning of MDM 2.0.”

A survey by Cherwell Software found that of the 157 respondents, 47 per cent supported user-owned mobile devices, yet 52 per cent were not aware of all the devices currently used by employees.

It also found that 67 per cent were aware of all the devices currently connected to the company network, while 65 per cent had a specific security policy for mobile devices.