An efficient business model around social networking can protect companies against downloads of malware.


Spencer Parker, director of product management at ScanSafe, claimed that the spread of worms and malware on social networking sites has been ‘unbelievable', and asked how many of the delegates had blocked access to Facebook.


Speaking at the (ISC)² SecureLondon Conference yesterday, Parker said: “The spread of the worm on Facebook was unbelievable. People were adding the application, and even if they removed it a day later the spammers already have information on you. You have got to educate users on social networking, there is no doubt that it is a great tool but do you really need a thousand friends? Do you really need that many? Users need to get out of promiscuous friend adding.”

However he also claimed that using B2B networking sites, such as LinkedIn, can be as dangerous as it has been hacked recently. 
Looking forward to trends for this year, Parker claimed that there should be a serious attempt by businesses to control use of the internet.


Parker said: “Certainly the trend will continue apace this year, but it may be a step too far for some people. This is a major issue, there is no such thing as a good or bad reputation – you have got to assume that everything is bad. But the benefits can outweigh the bad stuff, if you only look at B2B sites for business reasons, the internet becomes a whole different place, it has got to be a concerted effort.”


He also called for control on site hosting. He said there should be ‘a concerted effort to regulate hosting, there has got to be a proper way to record hosting and see much tighter control. I don't think that this will happen now but it has got to happen in the next two years.'