File transfer has been described as a mission-critical, enterprise-class application.

A new report from the Aberdeen Group and sponsored by Ipswitch File Transfer division, titled ‘File Transfer is not what it used to be: it's secure, reliable and well-managed' claims that increased file sizes, more stringent compliance requirements and stronger security drives demand for file transfer solutions.

The report claimed that current file transfer solutions have turned into full-featured, enterprise-class solutions that enable secure, reliable and well-managed webs of critical connections for person-to-person collaboration and process-to-process integration.

Derek E. Brink, vice president and researcher for IT security, Aberdeen Group, said: “Managing the surprising degree of complexity that can be involved in the simple notion of transferring files from point A to point B cannot be the best allocation of any organisation's limited IT resources, or end-user time and effort.

“Aberdeen's research has shown that persisting in the digital do-it-yourself approach to file transfer is not secure, not convenient, not compliant and definitely not ‘free'.”