Over a quarter of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are not backing up company data, while a third have conceded that they failed to secure data.

New research from Buffalo Technology found that data loss is being risked as data backup is being overlooked by SMEs. When these businesses were asked why this was the case, time (34 per cent), security worries (16 per cent) and not being concerned (14 per cent) were listed as the main reasons. Other small businesses (13 per cent) found complexity a barrier.

However, 46 per cent said that they would backup all of their data if the process was automated and 23 per cent said they would if it was quicker and easier. Security and reliability also featured as influential reasons.

Paul Hudson, northern European sales director at Buffalo Technology, said: “What this research highlights is that businesses are still to wake up to the fact that securing their company and customer information is a must. At a time when customer retention is just as significant as growth, giving your clients the confidence that their personal information is in safe hands has never been so important.

“Taking the appropriate steps to backup and secure data, whether on desktop PCs or company laptops, has never been easier and quicker. High capacity, easy to deploy and easy to manage data storage solutions are examples of a technology that can effortlessly transform SME IT systems into robust and secure business networks.”