Almost half of US and European IT and security specialists find deployment of patches to be the greatest challenge for visibility and control.


According to a survey by Shavlik Technologies taken at the recent RSA and Infosec shows, 63 per cent identified patch management as one of their top three most critical-to-perform tasks. The others were named as anti-virus/anti-spyware and configuration management.


Respondents also claimed that decentralisation of these critical tasks adds an avoidable layer of complexity, and most respondents would opt for consolidation of these tasks if possible.


The biggest hurdle was named as the lack of automation, as just over half of respondents claimed that it was an obstacle for IT departments when providing visibility and maintaining control, while 37 per cent said that the effort was ‘too time consuming.'


Mark Shavlik, CEO and founder of Shavlik Technologies, said: “Organisations are struggling with too much complexity in their security operations. Different tasks are allocated to different parts of the organisation while the lack of visibility covering the low-level basic controls prevents them from being cost-effectively executed and monitored.”