Companies mostly unprepared to prevent data leaks over email

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Most organisations lack adequate protection against spam and data leakage.

Most organisations lack adequate protection against spam and data leakage.


According to the results of a commissioned study conducted by IDC on behalf of Secure Computing, 72 per cent of organisations had no solution for preventing data leaks over email and 89 per cent of organisations lacked an effective anti-spam solution.


Results also revealed that while many IT departments are planning to upgrade their messaging security infrastructure, most have not yet deployed the seven technologies required for advanced mail protection.


Only 11 per cent of organisations surveyed said that their messaging security currently meets a suitable standard of protection, and 60 per cent said that their solution could not provide even 95 per cent effectiveness.


Elsewhere, 70 per cent of companies would like a single solution that addresses both inbound and outbound threats, while cost-cutting measures are spurring the move toward virtualization, with 34 per cent of companies planning to adopt virtual security appliances in the next 12 months.


Meanwhile 85 per cent of respondents reported that they were very or extremely concerned about data leakage over email. Despite this concern, only 28 per cent of those surveyed had implemented a system to prevent those data leaks, while 56 per cent planned to do so in the upcoming year.


More unwanted messages are getting through messaging security systems, particularly at large corporations. In all, 28 per cent of large organisations reported that their spam complaints had increased by more than ten per cent since the previous year.


Companies continue to be concerned about email-borne malware, including malicious URL links (56 per cent), phishing attacks (49 per cent) and malicious attachments (47 per cent). Over the next 18 months, 40 per cent of organisations plant to increase their budgets for information protection and control.


Brian Burke, program director, Security Products at IDC, said: “While organisations have expressed concern about inbound and outbound email security, their current solutions are not getting the job done. Only 11 per cent of those surveyed had adequate inbound protection, and over 70 per cent have nothing in place for data loss prevention on email.”


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