Companies should look to complete audits to reduce the impact of internal breaches.


Writing on the security, privacy and the law blog, Foley Hoag lawyer Jeff Bone claimed that recent statistics about departing employees stealing information and companies not performing an audit was ‘troubling'.


Bone said: “What's troubling is that the Ponemon report found that only ‘15 per cent of respondents companies review or perform an audit of the paper and/or electronic documents employees are taking. If they conduct a review, 45 per cent say it was not complete and 29 per cent say it was superficial'.


“Taking these two reports together, it appears that companies understand that their (and their customers') confidential information is vulnerable to insider threats, yet they are not taking the necessary steps to secure that information from departing employees.


“In this current climate, where data breaches are expanding (both in terms of numbers and size), it is imperative for companies to adopt and implement comprehensive approaches to ensure the security of proprietary information accessible to a departing employee and to minimize the accessibility of such information.”