The size of USB sticks combined with disrespected company policies are causing the data loss problems.


As a USB stick was lost in Edinburgh that contained unencrypted police data, Daniel Östner, CEO of BlockMaster claimed that a lack of a ‘one size fits all solution' is affecting companies and they need to account for their surroundings with policies enforced.


Östner said: “With 20,000,000 unsecured USB drives lost each year with valuable company information, organisations are being put at risk. We're seeing more high-profile breaches, but still lessons are yet to be learnt.


“Data stored on unsecured, standard USB drives means that data is at risk from unauthorised access. Unsecured USB drives cannot ensure the integrity or confidentiality of stored data and while this data is growing, the physical sizes of USB sticks are decreasing, making them easy to lose or misplace - as seen by this breach.”


He claimed that technology, although innovative, is proving to be dangerous and companies need to be aware of developing threats and hurdles that should be overcome.