While companies are encrypting their email and removable media, they are failing to cover their phone calls.


Simon Bransfield-Garth, chief executive of Cellcrypt claimed that voice encryption is ‘the last frontier of corporate data security' and something that should be considered in secure industries.


He claimed that the majority of secure phone calls are based on circuit switch data technology, however this presents many problems as it is not available in certain countries and conversations can result in a two second delay.


The Cellcrypt technology utilises VoIP, and involves the download of software to the handset, meaning that the phone has its own encryption key within it that encrypts the signal.


Bransfield-Garth, said: “People are concerned about hacking and will want to have their calls encrypted or will want to create a secure network. Many people want encrypted phone calls as part of the package, and if enabled you may be regarded as negligent if you don't offer it to all positions.


“It comes down to the conversations you are having, are they sensitive enough to be protected? People are motivated to find out the activities and intercepting phone calls is one option for criminals.”


The software runs on standard mobile phones and supports Nokia Smartphones and Window Mobile devices with support for BlackBerry on the way.


We are not trying to scaremonger but for people seeking to secure data they are aware of the protection they can get. People have been negligent because there has not been a good enough solution”, said Bransfield-Garth.