Companies unprepared for data losses as technology evolves

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Almost half of UK companies have admitted to one of more incidents of data loss.

Almost half of UK companies have admitted to one or more incidents of data loss.


According to a recent data loss prevention survey by Symantec, a quarter of businesses do not have a strategy in place for dealing with data loss should it occur.


The future does not look especially bright either, as Dr. Guy Bunker, chief scientist at Symantec, believes that the increase in connectivity and bandwidth for the next generation of mobile smart phones is going to increase the risk of data loss for companies.


Bunker said: “Information protection is the responsibility of every single company and government department. If the problem is not taken seriously, data loss incidents do not only create a huge financial burden, but can also cost the company's reputation.”


“The devices will not just have access to email, but also to corporate applications and data in the datacentre and because they will be connected through hotspots as well as the traditional Telco networks, they will present a greater opportunity for data thieves. Endpoint protection and data loss strategies need to reflect the changes in technology and working practices before an information breach occurs.


“Changes in business practices, such as the use of cloud computing and Service Oriented Architectures also increase the risk of data loss unless companies are careful. Understanding what third parties do with your information and how they protect it is essential.”


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