Companies warned over use of Netbooks

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Netbooks provide risks when transferring company data.

Netbooks provide risks when transferring company data.


CoSoSys claimed that Netbooks provide high risks for companies and individuals as their seamless connectivity and increasingly large solid state disks or traditional HDD capacities, become an easy tool to unintentionally leak company data or to intentionally steal it.


The company claimed that although Netbooks do not include an optical drive such as a CD or DVD drive, their quick and easy connectivity through wireless networks, USB ports, SD card readers and other ports pose a substantial threat and make it easy to transfer unauthorised data.


Roman Foeckl, CEO of CoSoSys, said: “Corporate IT departments needs to consider Netbooks as a serious issue when it comes to endpoint security and they are advised to take control over them as they enter their networks rather than waiting for the first data breaches to happen.


“Enforcing endpoint security policies with Endpoint Protector allows IT administrators to fully control all ports and data transfers from endpoints, including Netbooks, to any other portable device such as USB flash drives or external HDDs to prevent data loss.”


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