Recent research that showed that more than half of all ex-employees have admitted to stealing company data has been described as ‘shocking.'


Jon Rolls, vice president of product management at ScriptLogic, claimed that the ‘shocking research' places further emphasis on why IT security should be a priority for all businesses and highlights the need for a multi-pronged approach to data loss prevention.


Rolls said: “Employees can use a number of methods to take data, resulting in a possible loss of a business competitive advantage or bad PR and loss of revenue. The key is to increase security without hampering productivity - unfortunately, many of the ‘free' and built-in tools provided to manage permissions and lock down removable storage devices are woefully inadequate.”


He suggested that companies ensure that permissions are correctly assigned so that employees only have access to the information they need and control use of removable storage devices, such as iPods, mobile phones and USB sticks.


Finally, Rolls said that companies should implement tools to quickly audit access to files and specific corporate data to identify the information that was stolen in a breach.


He said: “The best third-party solution will find the right balance for employee and employer, incorporating all of these aspects. Such solutions, will be more powerful, and yet will have simple permissions management to ensure this kind of data theft is much more difficult and will leave an audit trail.”