Compliance-as-a-Service solution launched by CNS

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IT security and networking consultancy CNS has announced the launch of a Compliance-as-a-Service solution.

IT security and networking consultancy CNS has announced the launch of a Compliance-as-a-Service solution.

According to the company, CompliancEngine audits any network to assess its level of compliance and works for any industry or in-house standard by automating functions such as build validation, log management, vulnerability assessment, configuration and patch management.

This then allows CNS to work with in-house IT teams to resolve the issues raised. It said that CompliancEngine has been developed using CNS's own scripting engine, and is customisable with customers' applications, systems, IT estate and risk management methodology.

Kevin Dowd, director of security assessment and founder of CNS, said: “The concept of the CompliancEngine service became obvious at CNS. After years of auditing to a full range of regulation and governance requirements, we needed a tool that would allow us to audit a network once and provide the information for many controls. So we built one and I am pleased to say it works.”

Managed hosting provider NetBenefit recently used CompliancEngine to ensure its continued compliance with the PCI DSS.

Gerry Lawrence, CTO at NetBenefit, said: “Like any regulation the requirements of PCI DSS compliance can be quite daunting. We wanted to be able to offer our customers a PCI DSS compliant solution that can scale with their requirements, whether our customers are merchants using payment gateways or larger retailers who manage the payment process themselves.

“CNS provides a tool which is supported by a fully managed service. The fact that there are people behind the technology proactively interpreting the outcomes means that we can be confident of providing the best service to our customers.”


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