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Retail chain Target is being hit with more than a billion dollars in costs – by some estimates – following the breach late last year of its customer data. Not only that, alarms have been going off all over about the preponderance of data breaches and the attention they garner in the press.

Today there is a veritable alphabet soup of data security standards and laws governing how companies must operate. But, most agree, compliance is more of a first step to security rather than an assurance of security itself. Dual-factor authentication, encryption, SIEM, awareness training and identity management are among just some of the technologies being rolled out to ensure compliance and security. But, following policies, educating the workforce and knowing what users are doing is key as well.

In this editorial webcast, we hear from Larry Whiteside Jr., Chief Executive Officer, Whiteside Security Consulting, on the consequences of a breach and the penalties for compliance failures – including damage to the brand, loss of customer trust, heavy costs subsequent to an incursion, and costs for new appliances and services to mitigate future attacks.

Speakers: Larry Whiteside Jr, Chief Executive Officer, Whiteside Security Consulting