Computer shipments are expected to rise by 12 per cent by the end of the year as predicted, despite recent instability in the global economy, according to a Gartner forecast.

It also estimates that PC deliveries remain on track to increase by 11 per cent next year.

“We expect growth to run a bit stronger during the rest of 2007 as mobile PCs maintain their momentum and strong emerging-markets support desk-based computers,” said George Shiffler, research director for Gartner’s client platforms markets group in a statement.

“However, the market will slow slightly early next year as desktop PC sales suffer payback for the strong progress posted in the first half of 2007.”

According to the forecast, laptop computers continue to be the main driver for growth in the PC market. Improved performance, increased uptake of wireless and a drop in sale prices have all contributed to the rise, Gartner said.