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InfoSec 2018. TalkTalk hack - lessons learned - the board perspective

Between the lines, Dido Harding admits that the board didn't listen to or understand their cyber-security teams - who weren't forceful enough in articulating business risk.

InfoSecurity Europe 2018 showcases cyber-security at Olympia

A comprehensive conference programme with high level speakers, panels and both tech and strategy educational talks combine with some 400 exhibitors to make the event a 'must-attend' for cybersec professionals.

RSA: RSA President stresses positive thinking, teamwork and diversity

The 27th annual RSA Conference officially kicked off this morning with RSA President Rohit Ghai welcoming attendees and trying to set a positive mood for the show.

Final Reminder to register and attend SC Congress for FREE on Thursday

SC Congress 2018: Register by 1.0 pm Wednesday 14th to get your FREE day pass on Thursday 15 February, at the ILEC Conference Centre, 47 Lillie Road, London, SW6 1UD.

Taiwan police award malware-laced USBs as prizes for cyber-security quiz

Taiwanese police handed out malware-laden USB sticks as prizes for a security quiz given during an infosec conference in December 2017.

Indian cyber-security event opened by PM, supported by UK

A demonstration of how seriously India is taking cyber-security is that the country's Prime Minister Narendra Modi delivered the keynote speech at the Global Conference on Cyberspace (GCCS) 2017 in New Delhi, India.

Tier one incident expected, Government cyber-specs likely - NCSC

We can expect to see a cyber-security incident at a category one level within the next few years. The government specifying what it will buy is an effective way of changing the market - Ian Levy, technical director, NCSC

CREST/IISP Con: We have tools to fix it so why's the internet still broken?

Malicious hackers are taking advantage of broken internet infrastructure that could be fixed, said NCSC technical director Ian Levy in his keynote speech yesterday at CRESTCon & IISP Congress 2017.

CyberUK 2017: Establishing the parameters of cyber-security and trust

The NCSC gathered an expert panel for the beginning of its CyberUK 2017 conference in Liverpool yesterday. SC Media UK's Tom Reeve was on hand to witness the debate.

NATO to spend €70 million on 'cyber-refresh'

The NATO Information Assurance and Cyber Defence Symposium (NIAS) in Mons is expected to outline the alliance's vision and plans to boost capabilities including cyber-security expenditure priorities.

InfoSec 2016: How to manage huge risk of privileged insiders

In the drive to increase efficiency, organisations have outsourced many 'non-core' functions so how can they mitigate the information risks of using third-party IT suppliers?

HITB 2016: Zorko calls for greater cooperation in cyber-crime fight

One of the Netherland's Cyber-security chiefs opened today's 7th annual Hack in the Box with a call to bring the private, public and communities closer together.

SC Congress Atlanta: What are the drivers for cyber insurance?

A panel of industry insiders at SC Congress Atlanta looked at cyber-insurance, taking a look at what is driving the industry's quick growth.

Are you serious about cyber-security? Security Serious Week opens

It's Security Serious Week, a campaign designed to bring industry experts together to make others more serious about cyber-security.

4SICS: What hackers do when they access a power grid honeypot

Power grids are being attacked by hackers and APTs who are, inexplicably, not taking any action against them, says honeypot expert Dewan Chowdhury.