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Conficker tops ranking of most common malware family

Conficker maintains its rank as the most common malware family, according to Check Point's May 2016 Threat Index.

Why does old malware refuse to die? ...and is the IT security industry doing enough to kill it?

Old malware is the zombie apocalypse of the cyber -ecurity world. So why is that and why can't we fix it?

Localised "designer" malware campaigns all the rage, says Sophos

Criminal outfits are increasingly distributing "designer" spam and malware, customised to optimally target victims in specific geographic regions, according to new research from Sophos' research division, SophosLabs.

Viruses and malware detected in German nuclear power plant computers

The Gundremmingen nuclear power plant located 120 km northwest of Munich has been infected with computer viruses and malware.