Confidence in antivirus falls to all-time low
Confidence in antivirus falls to all-time low

In a new survey, “Enterprise Security Confidence Report” by Bromium© Inc, more than 125 security professionals were asked about the greatest risks that organisations face today as well as the influence of various solutions and architectures.

“The frequency and magnitude of high-profile data breaches is causing organisations to lose faith in detection-based solutions, such as antivirus,” said Clinton Karr, senior security strategist at Bromium. “Information security professionals are turning instead to technologies that provide proactive protection, such as threat isolation, as the foundation of their security architecture.”

An overwhelming majority of respondents said that they have lost confidence of traditional endpoint protection solutions to detect unknown threats such as zero-day attacks.

When selecting from a list, information security professionals consider endpoint threat isolation to be the most effective solution at preventing cyber-threats.

Nearly two-thirds of respondents feel that users are one of the greatest sources of security risk.

A majority of respondents believe that prevention (eg hardening and isolating systems) is the most foundational aspect of security.

Gartner analysts Neil MacDonald and Peter Firstbrook said, “We believe the foundation of any information security protection architecture should start by reducing the surface area of attack by using a combination of techniques. These techniques limit a hacker's ability to reach systems, find vulnerabilities to target and get malware to execute.”