Only 11 per cent of security professionals feel that the current level of awareness for mobile phone security is adequate.

According to the 2009 Mobile Security Survey by Goode Intelligence and Acumin Consulting, 89 per cent of security professionals have doubts about mobile phone security, while 46 per cent of surveyed organisations do not have a specific security policy for mobile phones.

A quarter of those surveyed believe that the risk of an unauthorised user using a mobile phone to gain access to an enterprise network will still remain low by 2011, while 40 per cent believe that the risk will be high or very high by 2011.

Alan Goode, managing director at Goode Intelligence, said: “Mobile phone security is an emerging discipline within information security. Mobility and convergence will be two of the biggest challenges for information security professionals over the coming years.

“To support these devices, organisations must have effective and relevant information security policy and procedures and adequate technology controls to manage them. Just under half of the organisations we surveyed do not have a specific documented security policy for mobile phones. This needs to be addressed by the policy makers and the policy enforcers.”

Gemma Paterson, marketing manager at Acumin Consulting, said: “With 40 per cent of organisations planning on recruiting for mobile security roles in the next two years and just under 30 per cent already having one or more resources allocated, it is easy, and reassuring, to see that mobile security is being taken seriously and becoming more of a priority for the IT and security functions.”