A general feeling of unease about outsourcing IT is leading CIOs to consider bringing management-related technologies back in-house.

A report by Ovum found that organisations are contemplating reducing the outsourcing of security and other IT management applications, with only seven per cent of 500 surveyed saying they were considering outsourcing IT security over the next two years.

Rhonda Ascierto, senior analyst at Ovum, claimed that this about-turn was one of the most striking trends revealed by the survey. She said: “The main reason for this shift away from IT security outsourcing is most likely a lack of confidence.

“The reversal of outsourcing security is also likely to be due to some organisations grappling for more control over their IT operations, of which security is a central aspect.”

Commenting, Mark Tickle, managing director EMEA at Webroot, claimed that the report raises an interesting question on whether companies should consider Security-as-a-Service (SaaS) to be outsourcing?

He said: “A lot of our customers choose SaaS because they want to retain the ability to manage their security policies in a flexible and scalable manner, which is the fundamental difference from traditional security outsourcing.
“The web-based nature of (SaaS) enables far greater control over their policy and protection, allowing organisations to make changes to policies and boundaries in real-time, from anywhere. This flexibility is particularly important as more and more employees are using mobile devices to access company networks and the internet.  
“Whilst I understand why some CIOs might want to bring security back within their own organisations, I would strongly advise them to look at SaaS as an alternative and in many cases, more effective mode of operation.”