Consumer confidence drops over protection of details

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Companies are not doing enough to protect personal details.

Companies are not doing enough to protect personal details.


That is the opinion of almost 50 per cent of people surveyed by Royal Sun Alliance, with confidence in banks, retailers and online auction sites falling. The results also showed that 90 per cent of respondents felt that their personal information is not completely secure.


In the middle of National Identity Fraud Prevention Week, public concern showed that 92 per cent of employees admitting that the identity of their customers could be stolen by a fraudster.


Richard Lewis, sales and marketing director at dns, said: “With news of data leaks, loss and breaches hitting the headlines every week, it is little wonder that the public's perception of retailers, e-tailers and banks is a shaky one.


“Companies will need to think beyond the national security push this week and seriously consider what safety measures they will be taking to restore public confidence and secure the data they already have. Retailers can't afford to overlook compliance regulations, particularly as PCI is still a requirement that merchants are struggling with in the UK.


“There are also a number standards in place to assist financial firms and online merchants to better protect sensitive data and develop effective security policies, as organisations are often un-equipped to mitigate risks or spot potential threats.


“As a result, a number of companies are now looking into Privacy Impact Assessments to provide clarity and confidence to their customers on how and where personal information is stored. If organisations need to seek help, they should look to dedicated security experts who can give sound advice on technologies and strategies that will help reinforce their public presence.”

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