Consumerisation worries public sector IT managers
Consumerisation worries public sector IT managers

More than three-quarters of public sector IT managers are concerned about employees accessing government networks via personal gadgets.

For the public sector in particular, consumerisation is a particular worry as large portions of the data it handles is confidential. Data that has been moved beyond the secure boundaries of a network is more at risk of being lost, stolen or accessed without permission.

Moreover, when consumer gadgets are used as storage devices, they could bring malware into the network from a home computer.

Denis Sennechael, VP EMEA sales and operations at Axway, which surveyed 500 IT managers for the research, said there is no reason to ban consumer gadgets in the workplace as such a policy would be difficult to enforce and the risks can be managed.

He said: “Data protection and access control are always huge concerns for IT managers in the public sector. It's small wonder then that IT managers are worried, with the Information Commissioner's Office capable of administering punishing fines of up to £500,000 for the most serious data breaches.

“After secure access controls, the first and most important line of defence is always education. By having an open line of communication with employees and clearly explaining the reasons behind security policies that have been put in place, you are more likely to have staff making good decisions about network and data access. Clued-up employees are less likely to make mistakes.”