Consumers are concerned about how marketing companies collect, store and use their personal data

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Consumers have continued concerns over the use of their personal data.

Consumers have continued concerns over the use of their personal data.

According to a survey from business intelligence and data warehousing solutions provider Kognitio, less than one third thought that companies collecting personal data for marketing purposes were using it in an ethical manner.

More than two-thirds (69 per cent) said that they are willing to allow companies to collect some personal data through vehicles such as card programs and online accounts, but want to limit the type of information collected, and do not want the data shared with other firms.

Only three per cent of respondents indicated they would be comfortable with the data being shared, if it makes their shopping experience better and more convenient.

John K. Thompson, CEO of Kognitio's North American operations, said: “The survey indicates that marketers must communicate with consumers more effectively, specifically spelling out for them how the information collected about them is being used. If they do so, and build a trustworthy relationship with their customers, the technology will enable everyone to benefit from its capabilities.”

Further survey analysis revealed that 59 per cent of respondents were willing to allow companies to identify them, to a degree, on a regional basis, such as by zip or post code or demographics.

However 57 per cent would not want marketers to use the technology to identify them on a house-by-house basis, even if it meant greater consumer savings.

“There is an ongoing concern over privacy. While the means already exist to match specific data to individual households, ethically responsible companies are quick to respect their customers' wishes first. Customers are concerned over a potential loss of privacy, and this is of growing concern,” said Thompson.


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