Consumers failing to take mobile security seriously says Sophos

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More than two-thirds of consumers do not have passwords set up on their mobile phones.

More than two-thirds of consumers do not have passwords set up on their mobile phones

According to a survey of 1,075 UK consumers by Sophos, 67 per cent do not have password protection on their mobile phones despite 60 per cent admitting that theft or loss was the biggest worry.

James Lyne, director of technology strategy at Sophos, said: “More and more people are using personal laptops, smartphones and tablets when they're working remotely. While this helps to improve productivity and innovation in a business, it's essential to address the security and operational issues relating to mobile devices now, rather than getting caught out later.

“Most data breaches on mobile devices are typically due to basic security failures such as weak or no passwords being in place, failure to encrypt data or falling victim to phishing or other social engineering attacks. If devices are used for business, it's important that IT teams get the basics under control. By making sure that they can purge devices when they go missing, businesses can both minimise the risk of data loss and can also satisfy regulators.”

The survey found that 57 per cent of respondents have password protection enabled on their laptops, yet 18 per cent admit to using the same password for everything.

Sophos has launched a free mobile security toolkit containing top tips for users for creating secure passcodes, a user-targeted video and presentation, whitepapers and a sample security policy.


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