UK consumers may be willing to forgo gimmicks and spend a little more online if they know their identities are protected.


A recent consumer survey conducted by YouGov and commissioned by VeriSign found that more than 12 times as many UK consumers feel trust is more important than cost when transacting online.


The survey results revealed that 85 per cent of consumers believe that trusting the site is most important when interacting on a website and sharing confidential information, while 81 per cent of respondents said they would stop transacting on a site that was not secure.


Gavin Bradbury, international marketing director at VeriSign, said: “Online retailers need to do more to show customers that they can trust them and ensure customers feel confident and happy to make a transaction online.


“The web is facing even stronger competition from the modern shopping mall, and shoppers concerned about security online have better facilities than ever before to attract them away from the web, they will put their money where their trust is.”