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Equifax breach worse than thought, consumers affected now total 147.9M

Equifax has once again bumped up the estimated number of US consumers affected by its massive breach - now saying that data on 147.9 million was somehow exposed.

Spyware replaced ransomware as hackers' weapon of choice in 2017

While ransomware attacks on consumers and businesses slowed down towards the fag end of 2017, they were replaced by spyware campaigns which rose by over 800 percent year-on-year.

89% of UK consumers concerned with immoral use of AI and cyber-attacks

Nearly half of consumers see Artificial Intelligence as having a positive impact on society, compared to seven percent who do not.

50% of UK consumers won't work with a company that has been hacked

New research from F5 Networks reveals that Brits have a conflicting view on cyber-crime.

64% of consumers won't do biz with breached companies

Almost two-thirds (64 percent) of consumers across the globe are not likely to shop with a company that has experienced a data breach where financial information has been stolen.