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Content Inspection Appliance


Code Green Networks



c£6,950 (50 users)

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Strengths: A powerful scanning engine that uses a solid combination of scanning criteria

Weaknesses: Hard to deploy and configure

Verdict: If the deployment process were more streamlined, this would be a first-rate product - still worth a serious look

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CI Appliance from Code Green Networks provides scanning of network traffic for sensitive content and, based on policy, it can quarantine, block, allow, retain a copy, encrypt or notify a sender and/or administrator of an incident of data leakage. The content inspection engine uses a combination of keywords, regular expressions, patterns, file types, and fingerprinting technology to identify sensitive content. Fingerprints are derived from scanned databases, fileshares, SharePoint repositories and content management systems, allowing for accurate identification of sensitive content.

We found it to be a little tricky to install and deploy. The deployment is done through a network tap at the head end of the network behind the firewall. Once the appliance is placed into the network, the various network servers, such as email and ICAP servers, need to be configured to work with the appliance and policy needs to be defined. All management of the appliance is done through the web-based GUI. This is well organised, but configuration is done manually, with no help from configuration wizards or checklists.

This appliance can scan many different protocols and work with external tools such as third party encryption products, including Cisco RES, Voltage IBE and Zix, which adds to the flexibility of the product. Endpoints such as client workstations are also constantly monitored by the appliance through use of an easily deployable CI Agent.

Documentation provided for this appliance included several installation and administrator's guides. These guides came as both paper manuals and PDF documents on a CD. We found all documentation to be well organised and detailed, with step-by-step instructions and many screenshots.

Code Green Networks has several support options and fee-based plans that offer various levels of phone and email technical support, as well as hardware warranties. Customers also get access to a support portal available on its website.

At a price of c£6,950 for 50 users, this product is good value for the money. It provides solid scanning capability and flexible policy options to ensure sensitive data is contained throughout the organisation.

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