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How CISO teams can 'see the things they shouldn't miss'

It's rare that CISOs have a horizontal view across their controls to know where to focus their resources for best overall effect which is why Nik Whitfield says agile analytics is a core capability that security teams already require today.

Before chewing through Compliance, nibble the Critical Security Controls

Unlike compliance mandates, the Center for Internet Security's Critical Security Controls enable you to easily see where holes exist in your current security armoury before you engage external expertise says Mark Kedgley

Breaches happen - the key is being prepared

Rory Duncan argues that companies need to invest not only in detective and defensive controls, but also in the ability to take action when an attack is occurring

Siemens update advised following US CERT advisory

Updates are available following US Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) issuing advisory warning of "weakly protected" credentials in Siemens SIMATIC WinCC flexible industrial control system.

Global nuclear facilities risk 'serious' threat of cyber-attack

Increasing levels of digitisation, but our nuclear infrastructure is still 'insecure by design'

Stuxnet still a threat to critical infrastructure

Despite original attackers losing control of Stuxnet malware, it still poses a problem for organisations

Demo hack shows how to crash a plane; air cyber-security being improved

In separate developments, a demo hack in Amsterdam shows how to crash a plane, while the US Federal Aviation Administration seeks to improve air cyber-security.

Sophisticated hack causes massive damage to steelworks

Dr Richard Piggin, in a blog published this week, notes how concerns about the vulnerability of control systems have been vindicated following the issuing of details about an attack on a German steelworks.

Control systems are under attack: 4SICS

Control systems are visible on the internet and under attack from dedicated malware, but vendors are not providing adequate security.

Companies warned on dangers of Android...and iPhone too

Massive Android botnet discovered, as APWG chairman warns on dangers of jailbroken iPhones.