Corero Network Security has announced the launch of ReputationWatch that identifies and blocks distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks.

Corero said that ReputationWatch will identify known malicious entities and block access to ‘bad' IP addresses based on their reputation or geographical origin in response to the latest intelligence.

It will monitor for constantly changing IP addresses and bots that fall within the recognised botnet command structures and those that have historically participated in malicious content attacks. The company said it will prevent network access, reduce the number of false positive alerts and eliminate costly downtime by ensuring the network is always up.

This analysis capability means that the IP address is subsequently unblocked when it is no longer a source of attack. Also, IT administrators are able to set access policies for each nation, allowing the business itself to deny or control the rate of traffic from certain countries, said Corero.

Ashley Stephenson, executive vice president of Corero, said: “The launch of ReputationWatch is another key step towards enhancing Corero's extensible platform to provide a first line of defence to combat threats, protecting IT infrastructure and eliminating costly downtime.

“By adding this extra functionality to the DDoS arsenal, businesses can continue to attack the threat head on with the knowledge that their network will be automatically updated and configured against the latest malicious threats, saving both time and money for the organisation.”