Cornwall College combats laptop theft with help from Absolute Software

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Cornwall College has combated a problem with laptop theft thanks to Absolute Software.

Cornwall College has combated a problem with laptop theft thanks to Absolute Software.

The college reported that it had staff laptops stolen in the past so it began to use the Computrace theft recovery solution from Absolute Software.

Sara Opie, helpdesk analyst at Cornwall College, said: “Keeping track of employees' laptops can be a nightmare in terms of administration and organisation, and that's before you've made allowances for inevitable human error. Laptops can easily be left behind when busy staff are on the move.”

The college currently has 906 active licences and installs Computrace on any new laptops that are purchased. If a laptop is stolen and an internet connection is made, the software detects this and sends alerts to the Customer Centre every 15 minutes.

Once the theft report has been entered into the Customer Centre, the Absolute Theft Recovery team begins the investigation to track the laptop's whereabouts via a series of forensic tools including geolocation and file scanning. They then provide this information to local law enforcement agents, who use it to track and recover the device.

Since the implementation of Computrace, three laptops were stolen from the campus offices on separate occasions with one connected and located in Newquay, where an arrest was made at the scene.
The laptop is currently being used as hard evidence in trial and will be returned to the college following the verdict.

Opie said: “We've already seen the benefits of Computrace having successfully retrieved a stolen laptop and we're very happy with its service. We'll continue to install Computrace on all our new laptops and we also have 100 separate licences as back-up. Now, the IT department has complete peace of mind when it comes to laptop security.”

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