Cortado has announced the launch of a new version of its enterprise solution for simultaneous and secure integration of smartphones and tablet devices.

Designed to provide functionality for the mobile environment, it said that Cortado Corporate Server 5.2 (CCS 5.2) delivers advanced security features that allow smartphones and tablets to be safely integrated into corporate IT. Among these are the ability to eliminate potentially unsafe file downloads with a file previewer and to allow users to simultaneously use multiple devices with one account.

According to the company, earlier versions of CCServer offered security features such as individual restriction of user rights for mobile scenarios and encryption of data transfer embedded in the MDS or VPN channel. The new version enables full encryption of local documents on the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

Lastly, if a user decides to print a document, the print data stream is immediately SSL-encrypted, making intercepting and reconstructing this data stream by unauthorised parties impossible.

Thorsten Hesse, manager of innovative products at Cortado, said: “CCS provides employees across different mobile platforms with a secure solution for virtually all desktop features required for working. Through our Virtual Desktop Processes technology, we optimise the view and interface for each Android, iOS or BlackBerry device.”

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