Cortado's mobile device management tool simplifies user approval

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Cortado has launched a mobile device management tool for users of its corporate server.

Cortado has launched a mobile device management tool for users of its corporate server.

Corporate Server 5.3 works with Apple Device Management to offer enhanced management of iOS devices without needing an Apple Enterprise Developer Program contract.

According to the company, the addition will allow users to access documents on their devices as they would with a PC, as well as allowing the creation of PDF and Zip files. For administrators, it brings together the features of Microsoft ActiveSync (including remote wipe and password policies) with complete integration with the existing Microsoft Active Directory; this allows management of access rights to drives, printers, databases and features per user or user group.

Thorsten Hesse, manager of innovative products at Cortado, said if an employee purchases a new device, access can be granted almost immediately by an administrator initiating the iOS configuration tool in the Corporate Server console to create, edit and manage different profiles.

Hesse said: “In addition to receiving a pure management solution from Cortado, our customers can also offer their employees a complete desktop for working on the road. On the one hand we tackle the important aspect of security, and on the other, employee productivity. All this is available as an out-of-the-box solution. Users can download, install and get going immediately.”

The company also launched a new version of its pull printing solution to enable secure printing with user authentication with smartphones and QR codes. Version 2.0 of its Personal Printing Essentials offers new options for user authentication, including a touch-free authentication for BlackBerry and Android devices.


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