A ‘counter-hacking' appliance that gives system administrators and security staff a real-time view of hackers as they introspect web applications has been launched by Mykonos Software.

The Mykonos Security Appliance profiles hackers in real-time to determine their location, skill level and other critical data. It works by hardening the code as it is delivered to the client to detect potentially malicious activity as it happens, evaluating the sophistication of that activity, and countering the activity with a variety of measures such as fake responses to confuse the hacker so that they move on to easier targets elsewhere.

It also identifies the hacker so that future intrusion attempts can be highlighted as repeat visits and thwarted appropriately, and it even gathers personal data on the hacker to turn over to law enforcement, if desired.

Al Huizenga, director of product management at Mykonos Software, said: “No matter how many firewalls and defences are put up, hackers will eventually find ways around. The goal of the Mykonos Security Appliance is to turn a mirror on the hacker and use counter-intelligence tactics to identify them while gaining intelligence about their skill level. More importantly, for the first time system administrators can defend their systems in real-time by launching countermeasures against the hacker.”