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Latvian man pleads guilty to role in malvertising-based scareware scheme

A Latvian national who at one point was the fifth most wanted cyber-criminal in the US pleaded guilty this week in a US federal court to supporting a scareware scheme targeting users of the Minneapolis Star Tribune's website.

Kaspersky Lab appeals US Department of Homeland Security Debarment

Kaspersky Lab is seeking an appeal in the US federal court against the US Department of Homeland Security's (DHS) decision on Binding Operational Directive 17-01 banning the use of the company's products in US federal agencies.

Three plead guilty to creating Mirai IoT botnet malware

Three men have pleaded guilty in US federal court to charges related to the creation of the Mirai Internet of Things botnet malware, variants of which have been used in a series of DDoS attacks since 2016.

Blog: Malwaretech, a black and white case or somewhere in between?

Is Malwaretech, aka Marcus Hutchins, innocent? The FBI says Hutchins wrote the code for the Kronos banking Trojan. Without seeing all the evidence from both sides, it's impossible to know for sure.

[Updated with video] Final arguments heard in Lauri Love extradition case

Counsel for Lauri Love and the US government rehearsed their final arguments as Tom Reeve reports from Westminster Magistrates' Court yesterday.

WhatsApp blocked then unblocked by Brazilian courts

In the third such scenario in the last eight months a Brazilian judge has ordered WhatsApp to be blocked in Brazil, before a higher circuit judge overturned that block.

Love 'exaggerating mental illness to avoid extradition', court hears

Lauri Love is hiding behind his mental illness to avoid being sent to the US for trial, according to arguments heard in his extradition hearing yesterday. Tom Reeve reports from Westminster Magistrates' court.