Finjan has announced that the US District Court in Delaware has ruled in favour of it, affirming a jury verdict against Secure Computing, currently owned by McAfee.

The court issued a permanent injunction against the sale of the WebWasher and TSP products for infringement of Finjan's US patent numbers 6,092,194 / 6,804,780 / 7,058,822.

The court affirmed the jury's damages award and determination that the infringement was wilful. The court also agreed with the jury's determination that Finjan does not infringe any of the patents asserted by Secure Computing.

Gadi Maier, chief executive officer at Finjan, said: “We are pleased with the court's ruling regarding our ownership rights to this technology and Finjan will enforce the injunction we obtained."

Finjan originally accused Secure Computing of the patent infringement back in 2006, and a federal jury awarded Finjan $9 million in damages. However TG Daily reported that the district court reckoned the infringement was wilful, and enhanced the damages award.