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Credant Mobile Guardian Enterprise Edition


Credant Technologies

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£20-£70, depending on volume

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Strengths: Full encryption suite with many easy to use features

Weaknesses: Nothing that we found

Verdict: For its ease of use and robust feature set we make this one our Best Buy

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Credant Mobile Guardian Enterprise Edition offers a complete suite of data protection above and beyond just whole disk encryption. Administrators can deploy data protection, such as requiring data on removable media to be encrypted, as well as mobile devices with easy to manage over the air controls.

Installation is an easy process and initially consists of setting up the server and installing all of the necessary services. The whole process is guided by an easy to follow installation wizard and takes just a few minutes. Once the server is setup and some initial configuration is complete policy can be set and deployed throughout the Active Directory domain.

We found both setup and configuration of this product to be simple and straightforward. Once installed all management can be done through a well-organised web-based management interface. Policy can be easily and quickly set up, with many options being just a click on a radio button. Credant Mobile Guardian can also plug into many existing pieces of infrastructure, including the ability to interface with Cisco NAC and RSA SecurID, as well as many other authentication methods.

Documentation provided with this product included PDF installation and configuration guides and a few integrated help files for administration. We found these to be well organised and easy to follow, with many step-by-step instructions, configuration examples and screenshots.

Credant includes standard level support in the first year's licence. After the first year support can be purchased as part of a maintenance agreement. Assistance offered includes standard and gold level support with 24/7 technical help.* Customers can also access a web-based portal for a knowledgebase and many other technical resources.

At prices starting at £70 per shield installed and going down to around £20, depending on volume, we find Credant Mobile Guardian Enterprise Edition to be excellent value for the money. It offers a lot of easy to configure features at an affordable price.

*In the US. Contact regional offices for local support details.

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