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£20-£70, depending on volume

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Strengths: Nice centralised management features. Support for mobile devices

Weaknesses: Confusing setup and overly technical documentation

Verdict: Mobile Guardian is an otherwise good offering that can be improved with some polish

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Mobile Guardian Enterprise Edition is a client-server encryption architecture that deploys encryption policies from a centralised management console to various Windows-based clients and mobile devices. The solution uses Microsoft SQL Server as its database and the client components can be deployed to Windows platforms and mobile devices such as Palm, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile and others.

We installed the server component and the policy proxy (to update policies on remote machines) on a Windows 2003 server which used Microsoft SQL Server 2005 for the database. The client component (Windows Shield) was installed on a Windows XP SP3 host machine. Overall, installation of the server products was a bit cumbersome and lacked easy automated tasks. We had to customise an XML file, create a manual licence key and configure the server, mostly through command prompts. Once the server was running, managing the deployment of client components was very easy.

The product does not protect the boot sector at login and does not contain a PBA screen. However, the product does encrypt volumes, folders and files on the hard disk and confidential data remains encrypted if the hard drive is removed. We liked the integration with Active Directory with regards to the ability to deploy policies to various users, groups or organisational units. Policy creation, management, reporting and other configuration options were very easy to use within the centralised management server. The ability to push updated policy to remote devices (including several different types of mobile devices) using a special proxy server was nice as well.

Documentation for the product was "interesting". The PDF files provided an exhaustive list of configuration parameters, but lacked the helpful structure that you would expect in a how-to scenario. Documentation could have offered more step-by-step help rather than focusing on the menu of parameters available.

Basic 8/5 phone, email and web support is included.* Overall, the documentation and somewhat convoluted setup take away from an otherwise good offering.

*In the US. Contact regional offices for local support details.

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