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Hackers using tiny malware PinkKite to steal credentials from POS machines

Point-of-Sale endpoints used by enterprises are now facing a new threat- PinkKite - a tiny malware less than 6k in size, with memory-scraping and data validation tools, able to steal a large number of credentials and credit card data.

Two Russians jailed in 160 million credit card details theft

Two Russian Nationals were given US federal prison sentences for their respective roles in a 2013 data breach which compromised 160 million credit card numbers and resulted in hundreds of millions of dollars in losses.

Point-of-sale data breach bad for Whole Foods' health

Whole Foods Market, disclosed on Thursday that its has suffered a point-of-sale data breach that compromised the payment card information of customers who used its taprooms and full table-service restaurants.

Russian hackers exploiting antivirus blind spot for browser add-ons

Criminals in Russia are exploiting the fact that some antivirus software doesn't analyse browser add-ons to load malware hidden in popular classes of plug-ins.

Hackers hiding stolen credit card details in images

Cyber-criminals extract financial information using website product pictures

Over £1 billion lost by businesses to online crime in the last year

Get Safe Online is urging businesses to better train staff to spot the signs of fraud, as Action Fraud reports a 22 percent increase in crimes reported in the last year.

Nearly 6,000 online stores hit by hackers

Thousands of retailers have been hit by credit card detail stealing malware. They way the hackers got in? unpatched software flaws.

Brazil hotbed of financial fraud, report

Brazil has emerged as a primary centre of financially motivated e-crime threat activity.

Apps leaking credit card data on enterprise mobiles rose 17% in Q1

From Q4 2015 to Q1 2016 there was a 17 percent rise in apps and websites leaking credit card data on enterprise mobile devices.