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CREST says that cyber-security in ICS needs a kick up backside

The not-for-profit accreditation body CREST says a lack of "standards-based technical security testing" is putting industrial control system environments at risk.

CREST takes over cyber-assurance programme from NSA in America

The National Security Agency has handed over responsibility for operating and promoting its CIRA accreditation programme to CREST, best known in the UK for its accreditation schemes with GCHQ, CESG and the Bank of England.

Report identifies path from online gaming to cyber-criminality

Online gaming can become a gateway into cyber-criminality for vulnerable young people, according to a report from CREST and the NCA which recommends strategies for diverting gamers into more socially useful activities.

Bank of England helps detect hackers

Cyber attack simulation excercises managed by CREST to boost banks' cooperation and resilience.

Slow start for cyber attack rescue service

The Computer Incident Response (CIR) scheme to rescue businesses who have suffered a cyber attack has failed to get going despite being due since August with eight vendors trying and failing to secure accreditation.