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Video: Police need to be more savvy in commissioning high-tech solutions

Chief constable Stephen Kavanagh tells techUK's Partners Against Crime seminar that the police need to engage more effectively with the private sector in developing new crime fighting capabilities.

Official stats measure cyber-crime for the first time

For the first time cyber offences are to be included in official UK crime statistics, painting a very different picture of who is being victimised and how.

Updated: Facebook CSO calls time on Flash after Hacking Team breach

New cyber-attacks by Chinese and others criminals are exploiting the Adobe Flash zero-days leaked through the recent Hacking Team breach - prompting calls for Flash to be "put out to pasture".

Security agencies - increase powers, tech and oversight

Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond called for the security agencies to be given the powers and technology needed to match the foes they face - while subject to parliamentary oversight.

UK police arrest suspected Lizard Squad member

British and US police may be closing in on cyber-vandal group that said it hit Sony and Microsoft games networks over Christmas, helped the Sony Picture hack and has launched a low-cost DDoS attack tool.

118 arrested in coordinated global airline anti-fraud operation

EC3 coordinates global action to fight airline fraud.

Wide scale of Dutch state surveillance revealed by data leak

Concern over both the leak of data and the extent of surveillance by authorities in the Netherlands.

Met Police and NCA: UK businesses are not helping fight cyber-crime

Two of the UK's top cyber crime-fighters have accused financial institutions and other companies of failing to share information about cyber-attacks because of 'mutual suspicion' between police and the private sector.

Tens of thousands of surfers taken to Neverland

A spam email campaign purporting to come from the Bournemouth Pavilion theatre about a Christmas performance of Peter Pan has hit tens of thousands of computer users worldwide.

NCA/FBI/Europol launch global cyber crime-busters, J-CAT

The UK's National Crime Agency (NCA) has joined forces with the FBI and Europol to launch a new global crime fighting team, led by the NCA's Andy Archibald.

Operation Echo smashes Bulgarian cybercrime gang

Complete counterfeit card production kits confiscated - plans to draw cash at magnetic stripe card-using ATMs in Asia thwarted

British 'FBI' takes fight to cyber criminals

The UK has set up a national cyber crime fighting team as part of the newly formed 4,500-strong National Crime Agency (NCA) - dubbed the 'British FBI'.