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Cyber ring takedown one of largest, US says

The US Justice Department indicted 36 people in a cyber-ring created by a Ukrainian national on identity theft trafficking charges.

FBI hasn't cracked Texas shooter's mobile phone

The FBI hasn't yet broken the phone belonging to a gunman who went on a shooting rampage in a Texas church, killing 26 and wounding 24.

Not good: Ransomware is cheap to buy and developers are well paid

This fact rarely comes out on Law & Order, but for some crime pays. And pretty well. Developers of ransomware well paid and malware cheap to buy.

Equifax - UK impact 'minimal', Argentina hit, execs quit, Co culpable

Some people in the UK had their data exposed in the US Equifax breach, though UK systems were not hit; Argentina has been hit; senior execs have quit, industry slams company for not patching.

Blog: Malwaretech, a black and white case or somewhere in between?

Is Malwaretech, aka Marcus Hutchins, innocent? The FBI says Hutchins wrote the code for the Kronos banking Trojan. Without seeing all the evidence from both sides, it's impossible to know for sure.

Online cops needed to tackle cyber-criminals in their own backyard

A select group of highly vetted police officers with an ability to proactively look for threats through the analysis of internet data could begin to turn the tables on the criminals suggests Chris Allen.

New bill to allow prisons to deploy IMSI catchers outside of prisons

Use of fake base stations is currently limited to within prison walls, and normally commissioned by the prison governor.

Cyber-crime: on an upward trend

Cyber-crime growth is accelerating. Rob Wainwright reports how Europol's 2016 Internet Organised Crime Threat Assessment identifies an expanding cyber-criminal economy exploiting our increasingly Internet-enabled lives.

Police need to be better equipped to fight cyber crime

Police apparently don't have the means to properly address the looming threat of cybercrime according to the latest Crime Survey of England and Wales

UAE 'VPN ban' creates confusion

Increased fines for using VPN to commit criminal acts resulted in confusion over who can use VPN for what in the United Arab Emirates.

Black-Hat uses SQL injection to your site to boost their SEO ranking

Instead of stealing your data, a criminal-run bot-net is using SQL injection to insert hidden links to boost the SEO of their own dodgey sites.

Europol mandate strengthened plus oversight increased

Europol's mandate has been strenghtened to provide new powers in the fight against cyber-crime and terrorism, while extra safeguards have been put in place to provide oversight and data protection for citizens.

61% of critical infrastructure execs 'could detect attack in less than a day'

A majority of critical infrastructure executives believe their systems appeal to cyber-criminals, but also that they could detect any attack according to Tripwire findings just published.

Police, digital forensics and the case against encryption

The Metropolitan Police has become the latest law enforcement agency to complain that encryption makes it difficult to catch and prosecute criminals.

Average Briton has 19 passwords

A new study from Cyber Streetwise reveals that Britons are using more passwords than a year ago, but warns that most of these are not complex and thus easier to crack.

Hackers develop ATM-specific malware: cardless withdrawals, 40 notes at a time

ATMs: easy cash from the bank, if you know how...

US DoJ arrests four men - charges them in connection with $100m worth of hacking IP losses

Third-party vendor route for hackers grants access to US government, Microsoft and games manufacturers.

DDoS attacks: Now shorter but more powerful

DDoS attacks are still a major headache for major corporates.

Card and banking fraud back on the rise again

Banking and card fraud back on the rise again says the FFA UK as crime increasingly moves online.

Amazon's £600m Twitch gaming site hit by malware

The online gaming platform, which is now owned by Amazon and has more than 55 million monthly viewers, has been infected with malware that spends users' money without their permission.

Malvertising: a bigger problem than the industry thinks?

Advertising - not as benign as you might think - delivering malware to 1 in 5 computers.

Kids - the weakest link in computer security says Kaspersky Lab and B2B International

Children are the weakest link in internet security with one in five parents losing money or information due to their children according to new research

Millions of Salesforce users targeted by Dyre malware

Customers of global CRM provider Salesforce - who number more than 100,000 organisations and millions of subscribers - are being targeted by the Dyre/Dyreza malware that previously focused on banking victims.

Spoofed cellular towers spotted at casino and military base

Femtocells: handy for calls, providing you know who is handling them,,,

Home Depot credit card hack - bigger than Target?

All 2,200 Home Depot stores may be affected by the latest credit card hack suggests security researcher Brian Krebs.