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Mueller may be preparing charges against DNC hackers

US Special Counsel Robert Mueller may be building criminal charges against the Russian operatives that hacked the US DNC, Hillary Clinton campaign manager John Podesta and other Democrat-related entities.

Annabelle delivers a panopoly of horror stories to deliver ransomware

All ransomware is a nightmare but Annabelle is a real horror, appearing more designed to 'show off the skills' of the developer who created it, rather than real a bid to raise ransom payments.

Arrested Belarusian identified as significant cyber-criminal figure

The suspect which international authorities arrested in Belarus during an operation to dismantle the Andromeda botnet has been identified with a high degree of certainty as Jarets Sergey Grigorevich, a high-profile cyber-criminal.

[Updated] 'Lacklustre' NCA cyber-crime report adds nothing new, critics say

The NCA has issued a report in cooperation with industry partners, in which they admit they are falling behind the cyber-criminals but the report has been criticised for containing little information that is new or useful.

Cyber-security ethics: the ex-hacker employment conundrum

The hiring of a former Lulzsec hacker by a respected cyber-security company has raised some interesting questions as to the role of former black hats in the white hat's world.

JP Morgan hackers indicted in largest theft of customer details

100 million customer details were stolen and tens of million of dollars were made off with by a "sprawling cyber-criminal enterprise" in what is now known as the largest breach of customer details in US financial history.

Can bounty hunters stop the DDoS gangs?

Is the idea of putting a cash bounty on hackers an effective way to disrupt or stop DDoS attacks, or a vigilante action that takes time and money from the business of protecting networks?

Firefox zero-days exposed by attack on privileged account

An attacker compromised a privileged account on Mozilla's Bugzilla bug tracker tool and used the gleaned information to exploit a critical bug.

ICO demands Google take down links under 'right to be forgotten'

The Information Commissioner's Office ordered Google to remove links to webpages detailing a minor crime and the company's prior removal of links related to the offence.