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Covert warfare: How likely are attacks on the UK's critical infrastructure?

Attacks on critical national infrastructure are growing in number and sophistication. So how big is the UK's risk?

NCSC head blames Russia for cyber-attacks

The head of the UK GCHQ's National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) on Wednesday accused Russia of staging attacks on critical infrastructure and other sectors within the past year.

One year since the Dyn attack: Have attitudes to DNS security changed?

Until their company has been attacked and suffered a tangible business loss, most organisations regard DNS as simply plumbing rather than critical infrastructure that requires proactive defence says Dr Malcolm Murphy.

Six key vulnerabilities identified within industrial control systems

Six key vulnerabilities have been identified within industrial control systems that adversaries can use to undermine critical infrastructure operations.

Can machine learning & AI protect critical infrastructure from cyber-attacks?

Moreno Carullo examines how machine learning and AI can be deployed to protect physical infrastructures from cyber-attack.

How security can be the linchpin of Industrial IoT evolution

Will Culbert delves into the Industrial Internet of Things, touching on how digital technology may define industrial control operations and maintenance almost as much as the physical engineering itself.

Attacks on critical infrastructure - a natural progression, or a symptom of poor security practices?

Cyber-attackers are increasingly targeting unsecured industrial environments. Jalal Bouhdada, looks at why the IIoT has led to critical infrastructure becoming a more lucrative opportunity for hackers.

Presidential commission calls for collaborative action to combat cyber-threats

Updated: The president's Commission on Enhancing National Cyber-security today released a 100-page report that called for greater cooperation between the government, the private sector, educational institutions and even individual Americans with the goal of protecting and defending the nation's critical cyber infrastructure.

Industrial Control Systems (ICS) and Cyber-Risks

Mark Carolan outlines why IT security managers should be worried about ICS in their Infrastructure

ISSE 2016: the boundaries of critical infrastructure

Jan Rochat, CTO of AET technologies, reminded an ISSE 2016 audience that the security boundaries of critical infrastructure are not quite as concrete at they seem

UN Atomic agency admits a cyber-attack 'disrupted' a nuclear power plant

A senior UN official has told press that a nuclear power plant was disrupted several years ago by a cyber-attack

IP Expo: The future of cyber security [video]

"Where bits and bytes meet flesh and blood" was the main area of concern for industry panelists, ranging from Critical Infrastructure - where strict controls may be impossed, to consumer IOT goods - where they can't.

State officials warn Congress: don't damage public confidence in election systems

An association of state officials has published an open letter that seeks to strengthen public confidence in the electoral process, in light of research that has raised questions about the security of voting machines.

Israeli parliament recommends creation of national cyber-authority

The Israeli Knesset waits on the passage of a bill which would see the amalgamation of Israel's cyber-defences into one central authority

Critical infrastructure in Europe exposed to hackers

Power stations in Germany, Italy and Israeli smart building could be accessed by criminal hackers

[Updated] New EU directive requires critical infrastructure to improve cyber-security

The European Parliament has passed this morning the new network and information security (NIS) directive, placing minimum standards for cyber-security on critical infrastructure operators.

Cylance exposes 'Dust Storm' APT attack on Japanese infrastructure

Chinese suspected of APT attack on Japanese critical infrastructure.

BlackEnergy evolving to attack new sectors

Trend Micro is reporting that Russian hackers likely attempted to use BlackEnergy malware to attack a mining operation and railway, in addition to taking down two power plants in the Ukraine in December.

Black Hat Amsterdam: Oil & Gas cyber-vulnerabilities

There is no air gap between IT and OT that was the key message for oil and gas sector CISOs coming out of the Black Hat Amsterdam talk by Alexander Polyakov and Mathieu Geli

Secret NSA map shows Chinese cyber-espionage targets in US

A secret NSA map was obtained by a news outlet shows the locations of 'Victims of Chinese Cyber-Espionage' targets based in the US

Stuxnet-style attack on US smart grid could cost government $1 trillion

A new report into the insurance implications of a wide-scale cyber-attack on the US energy sector reveals just how costly the breach would be for government and insurers.

What's wrong with CBEST?

CBEST has its critics - and defenders - as the industry grapples with how best to ensure critical infrastructure deploys best practice, as Tom Reeve reports

A Critical Threat

Attacks on critical national infrastructure are a growing concern, not just the banking and civil infrastructure, but also control systems used in the physical delivery of services. This is set to become even more of a problem as SCADA systems become internet enabled, reports Kate O'Flaherty

61% of critical infrastructure execs 'could detect attack in less than a day'

A majority of critical infrastructure executives believe their systems appeal to cyber-criminals, but also that they could detect any attack according to Tripwire findings just published.

Hundreds of wind turbines and solar systems vulnerable to attack

German security researcher Maxim Rupp has discovered numerous security flaws with solar lighting systems and wind turbines which, if maliciously exploited by an attacker, could result in disrupting energy supplies.

Delivering digital services: SC Roundtable report

The public sector is being asked to deliver its services digitally, with availability and reliability just as important as security, as our experts agreed at a recent SC Magazine Roundtable