Critical National Infrastructure News, Articles and Updates

Update: Cyber-attack knocks US Energy Services Group offline

A cyberattack against Energy Services Group (ESG), which handles customer transactions for natural gas pipelines owned by several energy firms, has knocked the company's systems offline.

IP Expo: Kaspersky speaks on CNI and says we're living in 'scary times'

Eugene Kaspersky, CEO of Kaspersky Lab speaks at IP EXPO Europe 2016 and explains why he believes cyber-attackers are now turning their attention to critical national infrastructure.

Lithuania launches National Cyber-Security Centre as Eastern Europe ramps up cyber-defences

The Lithuanian government has officially launched the country's National Cyber-Security Centre (NKSC) amid increased efforts by Eastern European countries to protect themselves against potential cyber-attacks.

Hinkley Point C nuclear power station to go ahead with Chinese involvement despite previous concerns

Despite concerns over security from both the Prime Minister and one of her chiefs of staff, Hinkley Point C nuclear power station has been given a green light today for construction with backing from China.

Real world assets under cyber-attack - how do we defend CNI - SCADA, IOT, utilities?

Critical Infrastructure is now at risk. Transport, finance and utilities are all targets. Graham Mann looks at some key issues and how they can be tackled.

Elektrilevi joins European network for cyber-security

Estonia power company joins European network for cyber-security to improve its cyber-resilience.

ICYMI: BT outage; Euro CNI vulnerable; 4 rail attacks; Polish telecom hack: ransomware uses cloud

The latest In Case You Missed It (ICYMI) looks at BT outage; Euro CNI vulnerable; 4 rail attacks; Polish telco breached; ransomware uses cloud

£442 billion potential loss in UK power sector cyber-attack

Report examines how the direct and indirect economic costs accrue for a hypothetical cyber-attack on the UK's critical national infrastructure.

US infrastructure cyber-vulnerabilities in spotlight again

The recurring fear of a state or terror-group-sponsored cyber-attack on the nation's infrastructure was highlighted by news stories this week indicating groups may have accessed part of the US electrical grid as well as a dam.

Global nuclear facilities risk 'serious' threat of cyber-attack

Increasing levels of digitisation, but our nuclear infrastructure is still 'insecure by design'

Stuxnet-style attack on US smart grid could cost government $1 trillion

A new report into the insurance implications of a wide-scale cyber-attack on the US energy sector reveals just how costly the breach would be for government and insurers.

UK National Grid under constant cyber-attack

A senior government figure says that the UK's power grid is under "minute-by-minute" attacks from computer hackers but information security experts aren't so sure.

Securing the energy industry: is success a dead CERT?

Industry needs a brighter collaborative approach to help bring it out of the dark ages says Alan Carter

Insurers want to protect critical infrastructure from cyber attack

A leading insurance underwriter told British politicians and security experts in London today that insurers must be involved in the fight against cyber warfare.

CERT UK finally launches to counter cyber threats

The UK government finally launched its first national computer emergency response team, CERT-UK, in London today.

US debuts cyber security framework to protect critical infrastructure

The Obama administration has launched the Cybersecurity Framework, which aims to educate organisations on the risks facing critical infrastructure systems.

Report: Internet data poses risk to UK's energy grid

A new report claims that information freely available on the Internet can be used to mount a cyber-attack on the UK's energy and allied utility grids.

UK government champions cyber security

Cyber attacks are front of mind for the UK government and local companies, following comments from business secretary Vince Cable earlier this week. But concerns linger after the latest Waking Shark exercise.

Cassidian: Industrial control systems are still vulnerable to basic attacks

We are not learning the lessons when it comes to protecting industrial control systems, despite increased attacks, according to the defence and security specialist.